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Video Transcription


Hunter: Today we’ve been talking about the Blue Zone Center coming to Miami, and now we’re going to talk about Blue Zones with Sid from Blue Zones.Sid, thanks for being with us.

Sid: Thanks for the invite, Hunter. It’s good to be here. Of course. 

Hunter: And tell me, what are Blue Zones for people that don’t know?

Sid: We travelled the world with National Geographic to figure out why certain environments produced a greater number of Centenarians, and we’re trying to bring that to more and more communities here in North America. 

Hunter: Right. And for those of you that didn’t catch that centurion is somebody that’s lived a hundred years. 

Sid: Absolutely, Absolutely. 

Hunter: Yes. And what are some of the things that people can do to create a Blue Zone here in Miami?

Sid: So we’re working here in South Florida and all of Miami Dade to create those environments. Our goal here, Hunter, is really to make the healthy choice, the easiest choice, to empower everyone to live a better life. 

Hunter: So it’s safe to say that Blue Zones are when you hear about a healthy lifestyle, that’s what this is. 

Sid: It is definitely a lifestyle, and we want to make it easy so that you don’t have to think about it. 

Hunter: So, Sid, how does the Blue Zones Center tie in with Blue Zones? 

Sid: We are currently working in 71 cities in North America. We help them with issues that they might have with child obesity or with cardiovascular disease, and walkability. Everybody knows they need to walk, but if there are no sidewalks and it’s not safe to walk from one neighbourhood to another neighbourhood, we need some policy changes and we need to have a built environment that supports the Blue Zone philosophy.

Hunter: Great. If people want to learn more about Blue Zones, how can they? 

Sid: and You can learn all the principles, the power of nine, and lots of things that you can get off the website to take advantage of this as we roll this out in Miami Dade. 

Hunter: Well, Sid, thank you so much for your time. 

Sid: Absolutely, Hunter.I appreciate the offer.

Hunter: Of course. And we love that health and wellness is getting easier thanks to people like Blue Zones. We’re going to check back in with Stephen later, but first, watch this.