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Social Zone

Our Well-Being Social Scene

The quintessential place to attend events and socialize

Here, in the Legacy Hotel’s sunshine and plant-filled biophilic “central park,” the Social Zone is the quintessential place to attend events and socialize at the Blue Zones Center. By day, this 4-story atrium is more than a magnetic point of entry to Blue Zones Center and member activity. It’s also a place to meet with well-being advisors or relax before treatments.

Within the Social Zone, digital signage recognizes members and subtly guides them to walk to their appointments. Open circulation encourages natural movement and walking versus taking the elevator. And throughout the Social Zone, there are restaurants, lounges and shops where members and visitors can browse, mingle, or share a healthy meal.

But starting at 5pm, the atrium becomes transformed for Miami Golden Hour where wines from around the world are served up with the sounds of laughter and lively conversation. It’s the place to go when it’s time to let go!

To create something new, we're introducing something "Authentically Healthy" to Miami.

The Legacy Hotel At A Glance

Town Square Social Gathering and Learning Space

The Social Zone is a place where people can gather for laughter and lite bites, attend group events, watch and listen on the atrium staircase to seminars and renowned well-being and health lecturers, enjoy happy hour in the dining theater, or just hang out and chat with friends. The Social Zone is an integral part of the Blue Zones Power 9® philosophy that encourages socialization and positive lifestyle habits that foster a sense of belonging and human interactions like enjoying wine and food with friends. It's all about the social networks of long-lived people and how their humanizing experiences have favorably shaped their health behaviors and longevity.

The Dining Theater in the Social Zone

Inspired by community groups of Okinawa and the nutritional principles of Blue Zones, our luxury Dining Theater invites you to enjoy the shared experiences and satisfying flavors of our superb cuisine where our trained wait staff is happy to cater to your dietary restrictions and preferences.

Whether you are celebrating a special occasion and sharing your meal with others, or dining alone, we’ll curate your culinary experience without menus or ordering required.

The choices include plant-based and bean-forward recipes masterfully prepared by a Michelin-star chef. Custom-made silverware and plating encourages guests to eat slowly, enjoy conversation, and reflect on their fullness.

Downshift Accelerator Spa and Wind-Down Center

Unlike most spas, our evidenced-based spa is more than a nice place to enjoy a sauna and massage. It is a measured and guided journey that marries research-backed ancient techniques with cutting-edge therapeutic treatments that actively improve your health.

  • Start by measuring key well-being metrics: brain wave activity, hydration, cortisol, etc.
  • Start with a barefoot walk on a warmed path through a guided downshift meditation.
  • In our accelerator, we’ve dimensionalized ‘downshift’ across a series of concentrated functional well-being treatments such as a infrared sauna, clay bead bath, snow dome, muscle compression, sound therapy, etc.
  • Add research-backed massage, skincare, and hammam treatments during your visit.
  • Quantify your downshift after your guided journey & track relaxation metrics over time.