Blue Zones Center

Where lifestyle and longevity are integrated into a 360-degree experience for higher well-being.

The Health Zone

Lifestyle transformation with the latest innovations in longevity medicine.

The Hospitality Zone™

MicroLuxe™ & Well-Being Suites™ in the Legacy Hotel & Residences.

The Social Zone™

A gathering place with a magnetic well-being scene day and night.

We are combining the ancient lessons and learning practices of Blue Zones’ extensive global research with modern medicine and the most advanced diagnostics with AI technology to help improve patient well-being and longevity.

Lifestyle and Longevity Converge
at the Blue Zones Center

At its heart, the 220,000 sq. ft. Blue Zone Center offers members and visitors a place for higher well-being. Together with our partners and healthcare providers, we are creating an iconic, 360-degree integrated Health Zone™ that combines leading lifestyle transformation with the latest innovations in longevity medicine. We have re-imagined everything from the ground up to build a place where everyone can live longer, happier, healthier lives.

The Blue Zones Center on ABC NEWS

Hear how Stephen Watson and other Blue Zones Center colleagues are re-imagining everything to build a well-being destination where everyone can live longer, happier, healthier lives.

Why and where people live the longest.
Building the first Blue Zones Center in the world.
Turning well-being research into programs that transform lives.

For Patients

Seeking longer, happier, healthier lives

For Providers

Seeking exciting business opportunities

The Story Behind The Blue Zones

As the world leader in longevity research, Blue Zones® has been applying more than 20 years of groundbreaking data and insights about the world’s longest-lived cultures (“Blue Zones® Hotspots”) to empower people everywhere to enjoy healthier, happier, longer lives. And now, Blue Zones® is bringing this industry-leading knowledge to life in the world’s first center for higher well-being located in the heart of Miami.

The Blue Zones® is a new way of looking at your health that will change your life for the better

Blue Zones Lessons

Longevity secrets, blue zones explorations, research and articles.

Blue Zones Projects

Transforming communities by optimizing environments that lead to longer, healthier, better lives.

The Power Of 9®

Medical researchers, anthropologists, demographers, and epidemiologists found 9 Blue Zone® Hotspots powered by well-being.

Our partners

Transitioning healthcare from disease management to preventive medicine.

Legacy Hotel & Residences brings a new vision of hospitality to the Blue Zones Center.

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Stay informed with the latest news and announcements concerning the new Blue Zones Center.

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