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Health Zone

Blue Zones Center Health Zone

Healthier Healthcare for those seeking longer, happier, disease-free lives

Leveraging the powerful new trends of consumerism and med-tech, the Health Zone at the Blue Zones Center is flipping the old model of treating the sick and transitioning to a healthcare center built around lifestyle, longevity, prevention, and well-being.

Blue Zones Center offers members and visitors a 200,000+ sq.ft., 13-story facility for higher well-being. It’s a new healthcare model that isn’t dependent on illness, but rather, derives the bulk of its patient acquisition through testing, early diagnosis and well-being. Healthcare partners working together, synergistically, to provide a simple and seamless experience for our patients and visitors.

  • The Movement Center for Orthopedic Sports Medicine
  • The Nof1 Center of Lifestyle Medicine and Health Benchmarking
  • The Center for Early Diagnosis, Precision and Longevity Medicine
  • The Center for Visible Health and Vitality
  • The Center for Performance and Functional Fitness
  • The Downshift Center for Behavioral health and Mindfulness
  • The Center for Specialized Medicine
  • The Center for Eyes, Ears, Nose and Throat
  • The Center for Longevity Research


The future of healthcare. All in one amazing place.

Together with our partners and healthcare providers, we are creating an iconic, integrated Health Zone that combines leading lifestyle transformation with the latest innovations in longevity medicine.

We have re-imagined everything to build a place where everyone can live better, longer.

Our services will include diagnostic, surgical, medical, spa, fitness, lifestyle medicine, and well-being improvement programming. What’s more, our healthcare partners and tenants will provide a continuum of lifestyle care, along with a state-of-the-art tele-medicine portal designed to keep patients in contact with their medical providers 24/7.

Your Lifestyle Medicine Assessment helps us build a comprehensive health–aging plan based upon early disease diagnosis and prevention, and advanced Longevity Precision Medicine.

Blue Zones Center-Ecosystem

Blue Zones Center at A Glance

Nof1 - Lifestyle Medicine Center

Well-being, driven by assessments and advocates

As the body of research in longevity science grows and advances, we analyze effectiveness and curate the best services to improve self-healing. Advanced regenerative medicine brings cutting edge treatments to reverse the negative effects of aging, working hand-in-hand with our Lifestyle Foundational Medicine and therapeutic treatments to improve life and longevity.

Here is where you are welcomed and the sport of aging begins. We take a deep dive into comprehensive data to generate a baseline report card of each user, including health insights where we can recommend follow-up care, lifestyle medicine recommendations, products and services.

World-Class Lifestyle Medicine Experts

Dedicated Patient Advocates to Proactively Manage your Health Journey

In addition to physical and cellular assessment, your medically trained Patient Advocate spends time discussing your relationship with the community, loved ones, and your higher purpose in life. We use technology to detail each person's unique journey and help them take control of their health, longevity and behavioral changes. It’s a 360-degree integrated approach to well-being.

Nof1 Diagnostic Testing Center

Live Better, Longer. Maintain Optimal Health. Achieve Peak Performance.

Our Nof1 diagnostic center and disease section imaging allows us to curate personalized well-being products and care services based on health information revealed through targeted health screening.

At the center, holistic testing and data-driven benchmarking guide the planning of treatments and activities for each member—all designed by dedicated Well-Being Advisors in the Nof1 Diagnostic Testing Lab. Your Nof1 assessment ends with a series of recommendations for Blue Zones lifestyle improvements, re-setting health goals, and/or referrals for treatments. Plus, members receive quarterly baseline check-ins.

Repair. Restore. Reshape. Reinvigorate.

We will also offer access to world-class medical specialists and interventions including injury and disease treatment.

In addition to services centered on longevity medicine, we also offer medical and surgical interventions that repair physical ailments, heal injuries, and improve performance. Our partner team of specialists work together to deliver specific care solutions both on-site and off-site to treat acute injuries or advanced diseases to improve your overall health.

State-of-The-Art Surgery Center

  • Private, discreet, and dedicated surgical drop-off and pick-up areas
  • VIP Surgical Reception and family waiting lounge
  • Interactive digital wall with surgical status updates
  • Private elevator to post-surgical luxury hotel rooms
  • Modern, large and technically enhanced operating room
  • Digital Walls for interactive art, environment customization or special announcements and/or events

How we keep our guests healthy and happy

We help the healthy you shine through

We recognize that health and happiness create an energy that is unmistakably positive. Which is why we integrate the lifestyles of the blue zones centenarians and the modern practice of Lifestyle Medicine into the Legacy Hotel & Residences. So guests and residents can stay healthy and happy.

Hotel & Residences

  • Sleep Restore Rooms
  • Deep Blue Residences™
  • Post-Surgical Rooms
  • Power 9® Downshift Kit
  • Sexual intimacy for well-being in-room
  • Well-being Speakeasy
  • Circadian Technology-Multi-colored LEDs to shift on time of day
  • Blue Zones Snack Bag
  • Blue Zones Bath Products
  • Blue Zones sleep kits
  • In-Room Recovery Kits
  • TV at Blue Zones Channel

Fitness | Spa | Treatment Rooms

We Integrate The Health Zone With The Hospitality Zone

  • Well-Being Resets & Programs
  • Meditation Dome/Downshifting Exercises
  • Atmosphere Dome
  • Enhanced Oxygenated Atmosphere

Outside Spaces: Therapeutic Pools and water features

  • Vitamin D sessions on the rooftop
  • Movement Classes
  • Well-being Cabana
  • Poolside Projection Mapping