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For Providers and Businesses

Best-in-class partners who share our vision for wellness.

Together with our partners, tenants, and healthcare providers, we are creating an iconic, integrated Health Zone that combines leading lifestyle transformation with the latest innovations in longevity medicine.

Blue Zones Center is powered by a destination marketing engine fueled by a subscription model not unlike concierge medicine. However, with a 360-degree approach to lifestyle medicine all under one roof, we’re able to integrate our comprehensive resources with other medical partners who share our vision for wellness.

Blue Zones Center brings longevity medicine to life in a 200,000+ sq. ft., 13-story, ultra-modern building designed to provide member patients with industry-leading preventive medicine, well-being services and personalized care, all backed by the most innovative diagnostic and predictive modeling powered by DNA/genome mapping and artificial intelligence.

Integrating centuries-old learnings with world-class lifestyle medicine and the utmost in patient-centric care, Blue Zones Center will feature cutting-edge diagnostic, surgical, medical, and well-being services designed to inspire longer, happier, healthier lives.

From lifestyle medicine, therapeutics and regeneration, to prevention and intervention, Blue Zones Center is elevating the science of well-being.

Blue Zones Center
At A Glance

  • Lifestyle medicine | primary care | medical clinics | offices | hotel | residences
  • 200,000+ sf.,13-story building in the heart of Miami’s WorldCenter
  • ‘Nof1’ diagnostic benchmarking lab and lifestyle medicine clinic
  • Innovative therapeutic spa and fitness center integrated with patient profiles
  • Movement and aesthetics surgical center with VIP recovery rooms
  • Advanced imaging center and ancillary services

5 Key Benefits for Practitioners

Brand-Enhancing Associations

Join other leading healthcare and well-being brands and gain access to influential members and global visitors seeking world-class care. Your brand is further enhanced by our proximity to the Miami Worldcenter, the newest cultural, residential and retail hub in the region.

Incremental Business Not Dependent on Insurance

Boost your revenue stream with direct-pay clients through specialist placements and referrals. Plus, you can leverage opportunities for white label offerings as well as collaborations with other partners in the Health Zone.

An Integrated User Experience

We are creating a seamless platform for members and guests, bringing them into our Health Zone of services—both digitally and physically. Our in-patient and telemedicine model provides a high tech/high touch approach to care.

A Marketing Engine That Drives Growth

The Health Zone marketing model isn’t solely dependent on illness to drive growth. It derives the bulk of its patient acquisition through a unique well-being appeal. You have no marketing expense since we handle everything from start to finish.

The Promise of Better, Longer Living

Patients will have access to an industry-leading hub of world-class medical care, preventive medicine, advanced diagnostics and surgical care all under one roof. A 360-degree lifestyle medical center that promises early diagnosis and better patient outcomes for better, longer living.