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Video Transcription


Hunter: Once again, I am joined by Stephen of Blue Zone Centers that are coming here to Miami. Stephen, it’s good to see you again. 

Stephen: It’s great to see you. Thanks for having me again.

Hunter: Of course. Now this is so exciting because we love health and wellness, especially coming to Miami and having a new pillar in the community. But for people that weren’t with us last time, remind us, what is the Blue Zone Center?

Stephen: Well, the Blue Zone Center is going to be the very first blue Zone Center in the world, built on the philosophies of blue zones, areas in the world where people live the longest, happiest and healthy lives. 

Hunter: So Stephen, what sort of things are going to be available at the Blue Zone Center?

Stephen: Well, the Blue Zone Center is going to be what we consider an ecosystem of preventative medicine, well-being services and partnerships. It’s connected to the Legacy Hotel, which we’re going to talk a little bit later about. And really what you’re going to find at the Blue Zone Center is a place where you can truly understand your own health, really understand how healthy each and every part of your body is including what you do in your lifestyle. And then from that, we actually curate a whole program that will focus on areas of your strengths and your weaknesses. And really it is a precision fitness plan. It’s precision nutrition plan, it’s precision sleep plan. It’s a whole team that surrounds you to help you live your life longer and better. It’s exciting that we’re going to go from a sick-care model to more of a healthcare model and actually look to prevent disease in the first place.

Hunter: You’re so right about that. And if you fix the core elements of someone’s lifestyle through a medical interface, through what we call lifestyle medicine, we can make dramatic changes to a person’s overall health and longevity. And it’s so exciting that there’s going to be a place where it’s all under one roof so you’re not running all over town and figuring out where it all is. 

Well, in just a little while we’ll continue to talk about the Blue Zone Center and how exciting it is to be here in Miami. Plus we’ll also speak with Sid of Blue Zones and learn more about that as well. So stay with us.