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Video Transcription


Hunter: We’ve been talking about all the exciting Blue Zones-related material that’s coming to South Florida, but where is it going to be? 

Stephen: Well, it’s actually in Miami World Center, the kind of the new heartbeat of downtown Miami where you see all that construction going up. Well, part of that construction is a site that’s being built right now, which will be a 54-story luxury hotel with a connected Blue Zone Center integrated within the hotel and connected through another medical office building.

Hunter: Right. And what’s the name of that hotel?

Stephen: The Legacy Hotel.

Hunter:  The Legacy Hotel! Well, that’s a perfect name for a place that’s hopefully giving people longer lives and healthier lives very true. To live their own legacy. 

Stephen: Exactly. 

Hunter: There you go. And what will we find inside of the Blue Zone Center? What sort of services will be available to people?

Stephen: Well, so the Blue Zone Center is really going to be a place where you could go and like we said in the last part, to understand your health, but it’s also a place where you can treat it. We have all types of different treatments, protocols and therapeutics found in that single location. But what’s nice is that this is a lifestyle hotel. It’s not a wellness hotel. It means you can go and have a lot of fun. You come down to Miami and you can come to us and we can help get you back on the right path. Or you may be visiting and staying in the hotel while you’re going through your wellness journey with us. And this is something that’s going to be reflected in the community. And one of the other things that’s a big part of the community is cardiovascular health. We talk about it all the time. People are afraid of heart attack, strokes and all sorts of other things. 

Hunter: What are you doing to help spread the awareness in the community?

Stephen: In fact, we’re so passionate about heart disease and the impact it has on people. So we’re a sponsor of the American Heart Association and their upcoming event, Go Red for Women, to help bring the awareness of heart disease as it relates to women at an event on May 25. So something everybody should remember. 

Hunter: Well, excellent. If we would like to learn more, how can we?

Stephen: Well, you could go to our website at, you can learn a lot about what we’re doing, what we’re doing in the community, and of course, learn about the event, the Go Red for Women event that’s coming up, so you can be part of it. 

Hunter: Well, Stephen, thank you so much for your time. 

Stephen: Thanks, Hunter. Really appreciate it. 

Hunter: Of course.