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Secrets of the Blue Zones

Welcome to a transformative journey with Steve Watson, the founder and managing partner of the Blue Zone Center. Nestled in the heart of the under-construction Miami World Center, the Blue Zone Center is proud to introduce the Netflix docuseries "Live to 100: Blue Zones" by renowned researcher, Dan Buettner.

Discover the Secrets Behind the World's Longest-Lived Communities

Venture into the enigmatic Blue Zones – regions identified by Dan Buettner and a team backed by National Geographic and the National Institute of Aging, which are home to the world’s oldest and healthiest populations. From the serene coasts of Okinawa, Japan to the bustling streets of Loma Linda, California, each zone carries unique yet similar characteristics that have cracked the code to longevity.

This gripping docuseries not only delves into the intricacies of these communities but also emphasizes the crucial community outreach initiative in Miami, especially the partnership with the Overtown Youth Center. Experience a specially designed pathway for Miami’s community to engage, understand, and integrate the lessons of the Blue Zones – entirely free of charge.

In celebration, the majestic Miami World Center now gleams with the emblematic “Blue Zones Live to 100”, inviting everyone to dive into this enlightening journey of longevity. A heartfelt acknowledgment goes out to Tina Brown, the visionary behind the Overtown Youth Center, for her unparalleled contribution to the community.

Step into a world of age-old wisdom, community engagement, and the promise of a longer, healthier life. Tune into Netflix’s “Blue Zone’s Live to 100” – it’s not just a series; it’s a life-changing experience.