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Miami's Commitment to Community and Well-Being. Applying Blue Zones Research of the World’s Longest-Lived Cultures

Miami’s Commitment to Community and Well-Being.
Applying Blue Zones Research of the World’s Longest-Lived Cultures.

A Blue Zones Milestone: Live to 100: Secrets of The Blue Zones Premieres on Netflix.
20 Years of Groundbreaking Research and Innovation.


The Blue Zones Center / September 1, 2023, Miami, Florida-

The much-anticipated 4-part docuseries, Live To 100: Secrets of the Blue Zones, premiered this week on Netflix. Embark on a journey with author Dan Buettner to explore five unique communities where longevity is the norm and vibrancy is the lifestyle.

Travel around the world with author Dan Buettner to discover five unique communities. where people live extraordinarily long and vibrant lives.

In the early 2000s, Dan Buettner collaborated with National Geographic to reverse-engineer a formula for longevity. He scoured the globe for years in pursuit of places where people live much longer than average, and the concept of “Blue Zones” came to fruition. To date, the expeditions unveiled Okinawa, Japan; Sardinia, Italy; Ikaria, Greece; Nicoya, Costa Rica; and Loma Linda, California, as Blue Zones with the highest rates of living centenarians. These five spots share some similar elements — a plant-based diet, natural movement, and putting family first — that have been proven to promote longevity and health in its residents.

Live to 100: Secrets of the Blue Zones takes members around the world to investigate the diet and lifestyles of those living the longest lives. Buettner offers insight on how to benefit from following at least some of their leads, because the only thing better than looking good as you age, is feeling good as you age.

Stephen Watson, Visionary Managing Partner of Blue Zones Center, Miami: “Our mission is rooted in a dedication to our community, in illuminating the minds of our young generation with global perspectives that can shape their futures in the most positive ways.

We have always prioritized seeking avenues to elevate and offer enriching experiences for the exceptional youth at The Overtown Youth Center. With that aim, Blue Zones Center is proud to grant Overtown Youth Center a Netflix subscription to access Live to 100: Secrets of the Blue Zones. They can enjoy this enlightening series as well as access to other educational collections on Netflix. Our goal is twofold: to present an educational journey and to inspire.

We wish for the youth to glean insights and takeaways from the two decades of research into Blue Zones’ lifestyle and nutrition. Our commitment to OYC is unwavering as we continuously seek ways to broaden horizons and pave pathways for growth.

The exemplary leadership of Tina Brown, CEO – Overtown Youth Center, coupled with the team’s relentless dedication, has been key in shaping the futures of countless young individuals. Our gesture is merely a small acknowledgment of our profound appreciation for the transformative work that Tina and her team continue to achieve at OYC.”

Tina Brown. CEO- Overtown Youth Center expressed her gratitude, saying, “This gesture is more than just access to a series; it’s an opportunity for our youth to understand the world better, its cultures, and the secrets to a good life. We’re grateful for this partnership and the shared vision to shape a brighter future.”

In a grand gesture of celebration, Dan Kodsi, CEO of Royal Palm Companies, illuminated the Paramount Residences in Miami blue, with the words “Blue Zones ‘Live To 100.” This act served as a tribute to the groundbreaking work of National Geographic, the entire Blue Zones team, and Miami’s own Dan Buettner.

“Miami is truly in for a treat! I urge everyone not to miss Live to 100: Secrets of the Blue Zones premiering on Netflix. Let us celebrate the wonder of life and the mysteries of longevity together,” Watson added with enthusiasm.

About Blue Zones®
: Blue Zones employs evidence-based ways to help people live better, longer. The company’s work is rooted in explorations and research done by National Geographic Fellow Dan Buettner in Blue Zones regions around the world, where people live extraordinarily long and/or happy lives. The original research and findings were released in Buettner’s bestselling books The Blue Zones Solution, The Blue Zones of Happiness, The Blue Zones, Thrive, and Blue Zones Kitchen—all published by National Geographic books. Using original Blue Zones research, Blue Zones works with cities and counties to make healthy choices easier through permanent and semi-permanent changes to our human-made surroundings. Participating communities have experienced double-digit drops in obesity and tobacco use and have saved millions of dollars in healthcare costs.

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About Live to 100: Secrets of the Blue Zones
: The much-anticipated 4-part docuseries, Live To 100: Secrets of the Blue Zones, is premiering this week on Netflix. Embark on a journey with author Dan Buettner to explore five unique communities where longevity is the norm and vibrancy is the lifestyle. Dan also shares his conversations with residents in Singapore, the sixth Blue Zone which Buettner calls “Blue Zone 2.0.”

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Book: Blue Zones Secrets, Released on August 29, 2023

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About The Overtown Youth Center (OYC):
The Overtown Youth Center is dedicated to inspiring and empowering youth and their families towards positive life choices. Located in the historic Overtown neighborhood, the OYC offers comprehensive services that foster holistic well-being, educational achievement, and committed civic engagement among the youth. Through tailored programs, mentorships, and community partnerships, OYC seeks to break the cycle of poverty and drive a brighter future for the youth in Miami.

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About The Blue Zones Center:
This is the first-ever Blue Zones Center in the world, introducing a new model that is not dependent on illness and instead focused on improving well-being and inspiring a healthier, happier, and longer life. The Blue Zones Center is taking the lifestyle principles from Blue Zones research and building on those foundations with innovative science and medicine. Blue Zones Center is a “living lab” for what healthcare should be. The Blue Zones Center will offer innovative technology and medical services that empower residents and guests to be in control of their own health and longevity. The goal is for patients to live better, and longer. Lifestyle medicine is the fastest-growing medical sector where a focus on a medically guided, healthy lifestyle can cure almost 80% of all chronic diseases. The Blue Zones Center and its ecosystem partners will offer the most innovative technology in predictive and proactive disease prevention, lifestyle, and longevity medicine.

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