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In Anticipation Of The 2022 Global Wellness Summit, Blue Zones Center Announces Its Flagship Well-Being And Medical Facility

The first in the world built on the research, principles and standards of Blue Zones, the premier organization dedicated to unlocking the secrets of the world’s healthiest and longest-living people.


The Blue Zones Center / January 31, 2023, Remedy Place, New York, NY:
The Global Wellness Summit is the most prestigious conference that attracts companies and leaders who are part of the $4.4 trillion business of wellness worldwide, expected to reach $7 trillion by 2025. The Growing Global Wellness Economy

Blue Zones Center announces its first international flagship location in Miami, FL. This 220,000-square-foot Blue Zones Center ushers in a new era of 21st-century longevity medicine, inspired by Blue Zones’ remarkable Power 9 research that has identified the lifestyle habits of the world’s healthiest, longest-lived people.

The Blue Zones Center, the very first of its kind in the world, is the newest and most advanced healthcare/hospitality hub where leading medical care, predictive diagnostics, and preventive medicine come together to optimize disease management outcomes and inspire advanced patient well-being and longevity. Combining Blue Zones ancient wisdom and learnings with 21st-century technology.

The Health Zone provides a new healthcare model that isn’t dependent on illness but derives the bulk of its patient acquisition through well-being.

Stephen Watson, Member of the Board – Blue Zones Center for Well-being is spearheading the project at The Legacy Hotel and Residences—a mixed-use tower that combines lifestyle, hospitality, and longevity in Miami World Center.

“Imagine having one location that combines world leaders in longevity and lifestyle medicine, combining 360-degree well-being transformation with the latest innovations in predictive, preventive, longevity medicine where personalized care, preventive medicine, and rejuvenation treatments all co-exist in one” -said Watson.

Modern medicine brings cutting-edge treatments to reverse the negative effects of aging. These cutting-edge treatments work together with our Lifestyle Foundational Medicine and therapeutic treatments to improve your life and longevity. Here is where you are welcomed, and the sport of aging begins. We take a deep dive into comprehensive data to generate a baseline report card of each user, including health insights where we can recommend follow-up care, lifestyle medicine recommendations, products, and services.

Blue Zones Center & Legacy Hotel & Residences Health Zone is fully integrated with The Hospitality Zone’s Well-Being Rooms. The Blue Zone Rooms are personalized for better patient care and outcomes.

The Blue Zones Center is really 9 well-being centers in one:

The Movement Center for Orthopedic Sports Medicine
The Nof1 Center of Lifestyle Medicine and Health Benchmarking
The Center for Early Diagnosis, Precision and Longevity Medicine
The Center for Visible Health and Vitality
The Center for Performance and Functional Fitness
The Downshift Center for Behavioral Health and Mindfulness
The Center for Specialized Medicine
The Center for Eyes, Ears, Nose and Throat
The Center for Longevity Research

Blue Zones Center N-of-1-Lifestyle Medicine Center Well-being, driven by assessments and advocates As the body of research in longevity science grows and advances, we analyze effectiveness and curate the best services to improve self-healing.

Advanced regenerative Legacy Hotel & Residences will boast 219 hotel rooms and 310 luxury condo residences where glass elevators soar above a 40-foot lobby and a rooftop atrium is as breathtaking as the infinity-edge pool cantilevered 500 feet above the ground. Here, residents and hotel guests alike will find a new level of luxury, comfort and well-being including a world-class spa, Sleep Restore Rooms and Post-Surgical Rooms that optimize mental and physical wellness, and award-winning chefs preparing exquisite meals that are as nutritious as they are delicious.

The Blue Zones Center will be located in the Miami Worldcenter in downtown Miami, Florida. A destination where health and luxury come together to create an unforgettable journey of transformation and lifelong well-being.

Global Wellness Institute (GWI) – Future of wellness real estate and communities Susie Ellis, chairman and CEO of the Global Wellness Summit (GWS) and the Global Wellness Institute (GWI), contends that the Blue Zones lifestyle is part of a larger global trend that is seeing more people prioritizing health and wellness when choosing where to live.

“I’m excited about what’s happening in Miami with The Blue Zones Center and think it will be an international flagship for how medical and wellness can be brought together in one place. Since Covid, we have witnessed a huge trend in terms of the medical and wellness communities working together to solve health issues, focusing on prevention over disease treatment. This is the beauty of the Blue Zones’ philosophy and lifestyle – it’s all about prevention, longevity, and quality of life. I think the Blue Zones Center in Miami will be a beacon for more Blue Zones Centers around the world, encouraging more people to live in places that prioritize health and wellness,” said Ellis.

Miami To Become “Authentically Healthy”

Last year America’s top mayors passed a resolution encouraging cities around the country to adopt a proactive, systematic approach to health based on Blue Zones’ widely accepted model of improving the well-being of communities. Sidney Stolz, Chief Design and Experience Officer for Blue Zones added, “Before the Health Zone at the Blue Zones Center opens, you will see us on the ground in communities, making a positive impact through Blue Zones activation. Blue Zones Project is where we are transforming communities by optimizing environments that lead to longer, healthier, better lives everywhere, including the new Blue Zones Center in downtown Miami,” said Stoltz.

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