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Global Wellness Summit

Global Wellness Summit (GWS) Second Annual Wellness Real Estate & Communities Symposium, took place at JPMorgan Chase & Co. Headquarters in Manhattan, New York, on May 2, 2023.

Stephen Watson

Stephen Watson, Founder and Board Member of Blue Zones Center, shared his thoughts on their sponsorship: “We at Blue Zones Center are thrilled to support such a groundbreaking event that aligns with our mission to promote wellness-focused living. As the industry evolves, we believe in fostering collaboration and innovation to create healthier, more sustainable communities. We’re honored to play a role in shaping the future of wellness real estate alongside other industry leaders at this pivotal symposium.”

The GWS reports that wellness real estate and communities have been the fastest-growing sector in the global wellness economy since 2018. This event is set to bring together top business leaders in the field, such as executives, investors, developers, builders, architects, designers, technologists, analysts, policy makers, and media.

Attendees can expect a comprehensive agenda that delves into the latest trends and research in the “building well” market and movement. The symposium offers a full-day immersion into the future of the market and showcases real-world, real-number insights into global development and investment space.

Experts discuss the shift from traditional luxury “spa real estate” to a more expansive and accessible world of wellness-focused developments. Topics range from new multi-family, mixed-use, co-living, and senior living concepts to the rise of smart technologies that enhance the health and sustainability of built environments, as well as the surge in nature-focused communities and agrihoods.

What to expect at the event

The event will cover a wide array of subjects, including carbon accounting, future-proofing the built environment, viewing wellness real estate through an investor’s lens, and exploring new ESG strategies that emphasize social and sustainability aspects.

GWI researchers will preview their Wellness Policy Toolkit: Built Environment, a part of their new Wellness + Policy research series. This toolkit aims to demonstrate the importance of wellness as a lens for government policies that shape our built environment.

Additionally, new research from Delos and the International WELL Building Institute will be presented to the delegates.
The symposium is set to be a day full of future-focused education, company announcements, and powerful networking opportunities. There’s remarkable growth and innovation in wellness real estate and communities, and many new models and approaches.

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