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Blue Zones Center Celebrates Lifestyle Medicine Week A Global Celebration And Awareness Campaign On The Six Essential Lifestyle Pillars That Optimize Health

The Medical Specialization of Lifestyle Medicine is doubling in size each year. The fact is that almost 80% of all chronic illness is lifestyle related


The Blue Zones Center / May 24th, 2023, Miami, Florida is marking the annual Lifestyle Medicine Week with a groundbreaking announcement to share. Member of the Board, Stephen Watson, will serve as the chair of the Connecting Wellness and Lifestyle Medicine Initiative for The Global Wellness Institute.
Watson is also an esteemed Ambassador of the Global Wellness Institute and a member of the distinguished corporate roundtable of the American College Of Lifestyle Medicine.

“Our aim is to educate the world about the importance of lifestyle and behaviours for health, longevity, mental health, and overall well-being,” shares Watson. “We are combining the wisdom from the world’s healthiest, longest-lived cultures, the principles of positive lifestyle habits, and the latest in longevity
research and diagnostics.”

Susie Ellis, Chair and CEO of The Global Wellness Institute, adds her support, stating, “The Blue Zones Center Miami has demonstrated an inspiring commitment to promoting healthier, sustainable lifestyles. The approach that Stephen Watson and his team are taking aligns perfectly with our mission at the Global Wellness Institute. We applaud their innovative efforts in the realm of lifestyle medicine and anticipate transformative outcomes from their participation in the GWS Summit.

Martin Tull, Senior Deputy Director of the ACLM, underscores the significance of this development:
Lifestyle medicine, as defined by ACLM, uses therapeutic lifestyle interventions to treat and often reverse chronic conditions. (ACLM Complete Definition -Lifestyle Medicine) Stephen’s new initiative at the Global Wellness Summit embodies these principles and carries our vision forward by integrating lifestyle medicine with advanced diagnostics to foster sustainable well-being.

Simultaneously, Blue Zones Center Miami is reinforcing its commitment to women’s cardiovascular health by sponsoring the American Heart Association-Go Red For Women Luncheon on May 25th, 2023.

Watson emphasizes, “We are dedicated to empowering women to take charge of their health and to reduce the impact of heart disease through lifestyle modifications.

By leading the GWS Lifestyle Medical Wellness Initiative and sponsoring the American Heart Association-Go Red For Women campaign, The Blue Zones Center Miami is taking decisive action to redefine healthcare through lifestyle medicine. Their actions symbolize a promising shift towards sustainable wellness and longevity.

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